The Minister of National Education, Yusuf Tekin, announced that 20 thousand contracted teachers will be appointed.

During a press conference held at the Ministry, Minister Tekin made statements regarding teacher appointments and the new curriculum draft.
Tekin stated that following yesterday's Presidential Cabinet meeting, they had a final discussion on teacher appointments with Minister of Treasury and Finance, Mehmet Şimşek, and economic experts. He noted that, based on the obtained figures, a simulation regarding branch distribution was conducted by the Ministry's Directorate General of Personnel.
Emphasizing their serious efforts to include as many teachers as possible, Tekin said, "In line with the instructions of our President, who also instructed us and our Minister of Treasury and Finance to include as many young people as possible in the process, we worked within this framework."
Tekin evaluated that there have been undesirable developments that have turned economic and social life upside down both in Türkiye and around the world, and as a result, a process has unfolded with serious financial implications for the country. He stated, "Therefore, in the current conjuncture, in the light of the parameters I mentioned with the instructions of our President, we reached an agreement with the Ministry of Treasury and Finance for the appointment of 20 thousand teachers. Congratulations to our teacher candidates! Congratulations to our education community!" As I said, this is the figure we obtained as a result of all these parameters we evaluated. Based on this figure, our Directorate General of Personnel conducted studies regarding branch distributions. I've said it many times before. As the Minister of National Education, I do not prioritize any particular branch, and all the nearly 130 selected branches for appointments are equally important to me. Therefore, while doing this, as I mentioned before, within this framework, we created a simulation based on our needs and available staff, and we requested a distribution in line with these needs by closing off branch names.
The largest number of appointments will be for classroom teaching, with 3,263 appointments.
Minister Tekin listed the top 5 branches they plan to appoint the most, stating that there will be 3,263 appointments for classroom teaching, 2,499 for special education teaching, 1,597 for guidance and counseling, 1,594 for religious culture and moral knowledge, and 968 for English.
Explaining that these appointments were obtained entirely as a result of a proportion established between the province, district, and Türkiye-based need rates determined by the Ministry and the allocated cadre, Tekin provided information about the upcoming process.
Minister Tekin stated, "Our Directorate General of Personnel will announce the schedule, but as I have stated before, I have expressed the necessity of a trial lesson-style interview in teacher appointments. While doing this, I invite all our friends who have concerns about justice and trust regarding the process to read the precautions we have taken on this issue once more. Within the framework of the precautions we have taken, we will conduct a process in which no one's rights are violated. In this sense, as I have said before, according to the current legal regulation and the secondary regulations created thereafter, appointments are made solely based on the interview score. As of today, as we have previously announced, we will send our regulation amendment concerning the process to be carried out based on an appointment score calculated by taking 50% of the KPSS scores and 50% of the interview scores to be published in the Official Gazette. Therefore, when the application schedule opens on May 20th, we will also provide information to our teacher candidate friends about the remaining part of the process."
The public display period for the new curriculum draft has been extended
Minister Tekin stated that they had put the new curriculum draft on display on April 26 and received intensive feedback. He said, "We will keep our system open until the end of business hours on Friday. Our system will be open to those who have opinions and suggestions about the programs."
Tekin, sharing data regarding the new curriculum draft since April 26, stated, "According to the figures we have just received, our programs have been downloaded 1,542,000 times. This is a record... Additionally, we have received 63,108 opinions. I don't know of any other example with such intense participation and interest. I'm not just talking about curriculum changes; it needs to be said that there was very serious participation in general. I am very happy with this process. A process in which participation is increased as much as possible and different ideas are evaluated as much as possible... It will be much more beneficial for our country and our education community. On this occasion, I would like to sincerely thank the real and legal persons who have sent their views, suggestions, and proposals to us in good faith. Each suggestion and each opinion is meticulously evaluated by our relevant colleagues, that is, the Board of Education and the program commissions in the relevant directorates general, which we call education and training departments. A significant portion of these 63,108 opinions are already subjected to the evaluation process as soon as they arrive.
Appointment Schedule and Branch Distribution
The Ministry of National Education has announced the appointment schedule and branch-based quota distributions for the recruitment of 20 thousand contracted teachers.
Accordingly, pre-applications and oral exam center preferences for contracted teaching positions will be received between May 20 and May 31.
The exam centers where candidates will take the oral exam will be announced on June 10, and the oral exams will begin on July 1.
For the branches to be appointed and the base score and quota list for applications, click here.
For the appointment schedule, click here.

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