"The Education World Forum," considered the world's largest meeting of education ministers, was held in London, the capital of the United Kingdom. Mustafa Canlı, Director General for Innovation and Education Technologies (YEĞİTEK), attended the forum representing the Ministry of National Education.

The Education World Forum, which took place between May 19 and 22, brought together ministries of education, universities, organizations, and companies working in the field of education, as well as experts. The forum was a comprehensive event where challenges and opportunities in education were evaluated, and sessions were organized with speakers from around the world.
Mustafa Canlı, Director General for Innovation and Education Technologies (YEĞİTEK), took part as a speaker in the session titled "Balancing Artificial Intelligence, Technology, and Traditional Education."
Addressing ministers and educators from different countries of the world, Director General Canlı began his speech by highlighting the human tragedy in Gaza. He stated, "Remaining silent about the human tragedy in Gaza is tantamount to embracing a darkness that has lost its rational and moral conscience. I believe that especially educators should take a strong initiative in the face of this profound tragedy where human dignity is clearly violated."
"Artificial intelligence in education"
Addressing the relationality between technology and artificial intelligence and education, which constituted the main agenda of the form, Canlı said, "Artificial intelligence applications offer students self-learning opportunities, provide real-time feedback, deepen their inquiries, and offer tools to enhance their productivity. While scientific research reveals significant findings that artificial intelligence technologies will be an integral part of the educational environment in the future, it also draws attention to the need to preserve and develop basic skills such as critical thinking and creativity."
Stating that education is a dynamic field by nature, Canlı said, "The rapid advancement of technology has made the integration of artificial intelligence into education systems inevitable. As Türkiye, we are striving to make the best use of the opportunities that artificial intelligence offers in education. We continue our efforts to ensure that our educators and students can use these technologies ethically and creatively."
In his closing remarks, Canlı also addressed the new education model of the Ministry of National Education and stated that the Ministry will continue its relentless efforts to enhance the use and value of technology in education without disregarding moral and ethical responsibilities through the education model prepared with a focus on human and humanity-oriented approaches.
During the forum, Canlı met with representatives of the Ministry of Preschool and School Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the British Council and exchanged views.
As part of the program, Canlı also visited the Turkish Embassy in London and met with Ambassador Osman Koray Ertaş.

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